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RapidPM will develop the technology required to enable the joining of thermoplastic polymers to metals. The approach is to deposit a thin layer of thermoplastic from solution onto the pretreated metal surface, and subsequently to weld the thermoplastic or thermoplastic composite part to the coated metal part. The feasibility of this approach has been demonstrated previously, but market dynamics and recent technological improvements now make this an immediately valuable approach which is suitable for scale up to high volume production. One immediate need is in automotive where hybrid structures of metal and carbon fibre composite are being developed for lightweighting to meet emissions targets set by Legislation. Although technological solutions involving mechanical fasteners and adhesives are available, these still add weight to joints. A second need is in the electronic industry, where thermoplastic packages are desirable for recycling and to enable 3D packaging solutions by advanced moulding techniques. RapidPM delivers a solution to the issue of joining lead frames to the plastic package. In both cases, the technology enables cost effectiveness through manufacturing speed, material cost, and design freedom, in addition to inherent recycling by melt processing.
Effective start/end date1/02/1731/01/18


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