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Exhibitied as part of Vicente
Travessa de Ermida gallery, Belém, Portugal
Curated by Mario Caeiro
September 10th to October 25th
Vernissage, 10 September

I am building a major new installation for Vicente, at the Travessa de Ermida gallery, Belém, Portugal
Entitled Relicario it will be situated apse of Ermida gallery, a deconsecrated church and it dedicates a contemporary reliquary to Saint Vincent, patron saint of Lisbon. In this sculptural evocation, the object is a modular system synthesizing ornamental geometry, Christian spirituality and industrial design make corporeal the immateriality of the religious myth.
My work for this exhibition has been generously funded by the University of Hertfordshire and the Travessa da Ermida Gallery, Lisbon
Effective start/end date1/07/111/09/11


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