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The goal of this proposal is to seek funding to upgrade the robotics hardware in the University of Hertfordshire’s (UH) Robot House (RH), creating the Robot House 2.0. The robots currently used in the RH (Sunflower, built by UH, and care-o-bot 3, built by Fraunhofer IPA) require upgrading to remain state-of-the art, in line with those being used widely in the robotics research community. The new robots to be purchased include the multipurpose care-o-bot 4 which can be tailored to individual user needs and assistance scenarios. This will be complemented by less expensive, smaller platforms with more specialised functionalities: the mobile Pepper robot, Turtlebot 2 and Fetch, Sawyer robot, and the Pioneer LX and Kinova arm/manipulator. Having a variety of different robot models with differing functionalities will allow a wide range of innovative interaction and multi-robot studies, opening up completely new scenarios that require either advanced mobility, telepresence, manipulation or communication abilities. Purchasing these new systems will allow other research groups to use the RH smart home environment without having to transport their own robots. Our vision is for RH2.0 to become a hub for UK universities conducting research into smart home and robotics technology.
Effective start/end date1/03/1728/02/19


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