RSA's Management Information System (MIS) feasibility programme

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As the senior data architect on RSA's Management Information System (MIS) feasibility program, I led efforts to evaluate the technical and financial viability of implementing the program. The MIS program aimed to enhance RSA's management information systems by identifying potential risks, challenges, and opportunities involved, and to determine whether it should be pursued further. The program included stakeholder engagement, business process analysis, data quality assessment, technical analysis, and financial analysis. I was responsible for ensuring that the data architecture aligned with the business objectives and requirements.

Key findings

The project also had high levels of unpredictability or risk, given the uncertainty around the implementation of a new system. As a result, I had to collaborate with the technical team to assess the existing IT infrastructure's capabilities and identify areas that required upgrades or new technologies. Additionally, I was responsible for developing a data quality assurance protocol to assess the existing data sources' quality, accuracy, and reliability.
Effective start/end date1/03/0831/05/08


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