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Shaping Tomorrow's Latina is an intensive urban design workshop bringing together a diverse array of participants, academics and non-academics, to develop innovative scenarios for specific sites within the city of Latina, Italy. By subjecting Latina to a critical examination that transcends historical and political biases, the workshop seeks to envision design scenarios that enable the city council, citizens, and non-academic stakeholders to jointly plan a sustainable future.

Key findings

Collaboration: Close work with Casa dell’Architettura di Latina and various stakeholders.
Successful Activities: Well-attended Summer School and open lectures; generated sustainable redevelopment ideas.
Positive Outcomes: City Council interest, extensive media coverage, and strong community engagement.
Future Potential: Industrial partners ANCE and UNINDUSTRIA committed to future support.
Impact Evidence: Testimonials and media presence underline project significance and stakeholder commitment.
Effective start/end date1/06/23 → 24/02/24


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