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SWAG will revolutionise existing wearable robot paradigms, the success of which requires innovation in fabricbased soft robotics, integrated soft sensing, user intent tracking, and distributed actuation. With this project we aspire to:
Introduce a new human-centric and adaptive design paradigm for wearable robots based on mechanically optimised inflatable functional fabrics to tackle an entire body region and not just a single joint.
Deliver high-fidelity real-time motion assistance based on low-level distributed sensing and control guided in a high-level by user intent.
Achieve personalised responses through a multidisciplinary approach that brings together soft design, embedded sensing, functional apparel and smart textile design, biomechanical modelling, materials science, distributed control, and AI at the centre of the research.
Obviate the need for tethered operation and achieve simultaneous support of the muscles and joints of the entire lower limb system. This will be made possible thanks to control ability through a single actuation source and a closed pneumatic system based on smart recycling of the air and not one for each degree of freedom that is today.
The expected results will emerge through the following main objectives that are divided in two main categories, the Research and Innovation Objectives (RIO) and the Impact Making Objectives (IMO). RIOs are expected to lead to scientific and technological advances beyond the state of the art, while IMOs will contribute to the maximisation of the project’s impact and the rapid adoption of the solutions by the industry and society in a scalable and sustainable manner.
Short titleSWAG
Effective start/end date1/11/2331/10/27


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