“Spirituality in Times of Covid”: Has engagement with online Sufi meditation (and occasional face to face) improved a sense of well-being and spiritual connection under Covid and what are the social implications?

  • Bygate, Siobhan (PI)
  • M'Madi, Farida (Researcher)
  • Saucedo Medina, Abril Aide (Researcher)

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A multi method data collection study involving survey and interviews across four countries (UK, Belgium, France and Mexico) into online spiritual engagement under Covid19 and its contribution to individual well being and spiritual connection. Implications for governments and charities under pandemic or crisis conditions

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Key findings

At present data is till being analysed but early results show a positive relationship between online engagement in Sufi meditational practices and individual well being and feeling of spiritual connection under pandemic conditions supporting wider society stability.
Short titleSpirituality in Times of Covid19
Effective start/end date1/05/2230/09/23


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