Statistics of Ordered Categories and Kinds: satisfaction, performance, memory

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    Psychologically important data is often measured using ordered categories, on the assumption that responses are generated by an internal process that produces a uni-dimensional 'strength' outcome. This applies not only to Likert data on satisfaction, but also to proportion of items recalled as a measure of memory strength.

    This project challenges this prevalent assumption. It considers the possibility of a TWO stage internal process. For satisfaction, stage 1 is positive or negative; stage 2 is strength of positivity or negativity. For memory, stage 1 is recall state and stage 2 is strength of recall within each state.

    The project first provides methods for determining whether process is 1 or 2 stage and then for each process provides methods for comparing groups and conditions of context or learning.

    The 1st application is performance and satisfaction in UK higher education. the second in collaboration with Prof. Kvavilashvili is prospective memory of brain damaged Vietnam veterans.
    Effective start/end date1/09/09 → …


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