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The IAA represents a significant boost to our ongoing activities seeking to find impact from STFC-funded research. Our objectives for the IAA funding are all aligned with the overall objectives of the IAA:
• To increase awareness of, and provide opportunities for, innovation and knowledge exchange for STFC-funded personnel at UH. This includes students, early career researchers and established staff, with a particular focus on those not currently engaged in such activities
• To promote a cross-disciplinary approach to innovation and knowledge exchange, exploiting our established ‘Research Theme’ framework that already links different research groups across the University, and will add value to STFC-related impact
• To nurture a culture of innovation within our research community: encouraging more researchers to forge partnerships with colleagues in other disciplines across the University, and with external stakeholders, and to secure further innovation funding to take ideas forward towards meaningful impact
• To form new partnerships with external partners who could benefit from the expertise of our research community, or could directly exploit our on-going research. This includes companies (from local to national, and potentially international), industry and public sector (local government, NHS, etc.)
• To provide flexible funding to our STFC community, allowing researchers to undertake a range of small and medium exploratory ‘proof of concept’ projects to investigate technology transfer opportunities, or to kick-start partnerships with external stakeholders, both of which are expected to be used as leverage for future – more substantial – innovation and knowledge exchange activities
Effective start/end date11/02/1930/09/20


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