SThree Client Candidate MIS Dashboard Project

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As the Business Data Analyst for SThree Recruitment's MIS Project, my goal was to design and implement a new reporting dashboard that met the company's changing business needs and improved data accuracy and availability. This was a complex project, involving multiple work packages, interdependent stakeholders with competing interests, and high levels of unpredictability and risk.

Key findings

One of the biggest challenges was managing conflicting objectives between different departments, such as finance and recruitment. To navigate these competing interests, I worked with stakeholders to identify common goals and priorities, ensuring the dashboard met everyone's needs. Additionally, data integration posed a significant challenge, with different databases, systems, and sources requiring consolidation into a centralized dashboard. I had to manage the risks associated with data quality and ensure the information displayed was accurate and reliable.
Effective start/end date11/09/0623/03/07


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