Still Be Here - Hatsuni Miku

  • Tree, David (Researcher)
  • Gallagher, Neil (Researcher)
  • Johnson, Darren (PI)
  • Sulzer, Martin (PI)
  • Avendon, LaTurbo (PI)
  • Halo, Laurel (PI)

Project: Consultancy

Project Details


Following an idea initiated and conceptualized by artist Mari Matsutoya, Still Be Here is collectively created with music producer Laurel Halo, award-winning choreographer and visual artist Darren Johnston, virtual artist LaTurbo Avedon, and produced by digital artist Martin Sulzer. This project presents a unique arrival of aesthetics between the participating artists, in their search for the identity of Hatsune Miku. The performance/installation employs a collage methodology with user-generated lyrics, referencing many other contributors and countless online authors and creative commons users, whose works will be further interpreted and given new meaning.

Layman's description

we provided motion capture services and support for this project.
Effective start/end date1/12/151/02/16


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