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As a data strategy implementation team member at Shelter UK, my responsibilities included addressing uncertainties and conflicting objectives. I had to consider data privacy regulations and ensure that the data strategy program kept up with these changes while optimizing the value proposition of services offered to clients. Conflicting priorities among stakeholders with varying viewpoints on how the organisation should utilise its data assets and budget constraints were other factors I had to address.

To overcome these uncertainties and conflicting objectives, we established a robust governance mechanism that anticipated and addressed possible contingencies. We invested in stakeholder engagement, ensured open communication channels, and implemented periodic evaluation to ensure that the data strategy aligned with the objectives and strategy of the organisation. Finally, we prioritised investment in data management tools and infrastructures that enabled the organisation to adapt to new regulatory requirements, emerging technical advancements, and changing stakeholder needs, even in the face of budget constraints.
Effective start/end date11/03/1920/12/19


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