STudent Reflections On Lifelong e-Learning (STROLL)

  • Jefferies, Amanda (PI)
  • Hyde, Ruth (Researcher)
  • Bullen, Peter (CoI)

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This JISC sponsored project, part of their Phase 2 funding for the Learners Experiences of E-Learning Programme, was a longitudinal study across participants from the University and FE into students' reflections on their use of technologies for learning between 2007 and 2009. It was one of 7 national projects over two years which captured a variety of student learners experiences of e-learning and other technologies.

Layman's description

How much do students use technology in their dialy lives and what is the impact of technology on their learning ? How do they develop their own digital literacy during their undergraduate studies. Thisproject explored different student experiences of technology use.

Key findings

The project findings are available from the report on the project website.
Students were using far more technology for learning as well as for leisure than they had previously realised. They were typically more creative than their academics in using technology and they relied on friends and family for support and help in using new technology.
Effective start/end date2/04/072/04/09


  • LB2300 Higher Education


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