Studying a mycovirus from Dothistroma septosporum

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We are in possession of a D. septosporum isolate harbouring a double-stranded (ds) RNA mycovirus belonging to the family Chrysoviridae. Our aims are (1) to provide insight into the effects of the virus on host growth and virulence, and therefore its potential as a biological control agent against Dothistroma needle blight (DNB), and (2) to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning these effects by investigating the transcriptional and small RNA profile of the D. septosporum isolate in the presence of the virus. Ideally by the completion of the project we should be able to link fungal growth and virulence phenotypes with specific groups of genes up- or down-regulated in virus-free and virus-infected isolates and propose a RNA silencing based mechanism to explain this differential expression.
To this end we request from the SFT £40,000 for two years (£20,000/year).
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/19


  • QR355 Virology
  • QH301 Biology


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