Supporting Birth Parents whose Children have been Adopted

  • Nolte, Lizette (PI)
  • Forbes, Caoimhe (CoI)
  • Morgan, Hannah (CoI)
  • Wright, Hannah (CoI)

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Supporting Birth Parents whose Children have been Adopted has been a very book important for the sector. It was the first book to be published on this subject in the UK, and internationally. A national conference and book launch was held on its publication which has galvanised focused on to this important and much neglected area. The Right Honourable Justice MacFarlane, President of the Family Court who wrote one of the forewords in the book, has been highlighting its key messages during events and conferences he has been speaking at around the UK. Since publication there has been increasing local and national government focus on services for birth parents, with a number of local authorities looking to innovate in this area. The book is seeing international interest with sales in many English speaking countries and also recent translation and publication in Japan

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