Supporting consolidation of recent event memory in people with mild cognitive impairment

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This project will measure the effect of three different memory consolidation aids in people with dementia and MCI, and healthy age-matched controls. Participants will be taken on three guided tours of local attractions while wearing a chest-mounted GoPro video camera recording continuous footage. Following this, the effects of daily retrieval practice using (a) a written description of the event, (b) a sequence of still images similar to those produced by Microsoft's SenseCam, or (c) montage video clips sampled from across the event, will be examined. Participants will begin this "consolidation phase" on the day following each guided tour, and will review each tour in one consolidation condition only. Memory for the event will be tested prior to the review each day, and again at one week post-consolidation. In each condition, part of the original event information is not reviewed, allowing comparison of the consolidation of reviewed and not-reviewed material.
Effective start/end date30/04/1831/07/19


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