TAME - Phase 3: Innovate UK startup programme - Phase 3

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CrypTier (the spin-out company) will deliver TAME (Threat Assessment Model for Information Environments) which is a Cyber-Threat Assessment platform. The platform will deliver an AI bespoke cyber threat assessment service in a landscape where the scale of cyber threats is continually evolving and increasing. There are numerous firms in the cyber market place that state they deliver threat assessment solutions, however threat assessment is a very subjective process and the best people placed to make assessments are within an organisation. TAME will identify threats and provide easily digestible cyber-threat information based on business assets and processes to the key decision makers. In phase 3 we will undertake the development of the MVP. In particular we will develop the vulnerability interrelationship module and the threat structuring module.
Short titleTAME - Phase 3
AcronymTAME 3
Effective start/end date1/09/1831/01/19


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