Technical-scientific agreement between FIPFARMA-USP and the Popular Remedy Foundation (FURP)

  • Bellan, Natalia (PI)

Project: Consultancy

Project Details


Project created between the Foundation Research Farmaceutica the University of Sao Paulo and FURP - Pharmaceutical Industry the Government of São Paulo (largest public drug manufacturers in Brazil and Latin America), main objectives:

- Create a strategic plan to maintain GMP certification and your drug and medical device registries.
- Continue to serve more than three thousand cities in the state's popular drug program.
- Meet the requirements of governments and the secretary of state of health.
- Create a new team and train them in the area of regulatory affairs and quality assurance.
- Manage the budget for the project (£ 500,000.00).

Key findings

The industry has successfully passed GMP certification inspections and a team of 15 pharmacists with specific expertise in the regulatory and quality assurance field has been created.
Effective start/end date1/01/1331/12/15


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