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As the Business Analyst for the MIS SLA policy design project of the TFL Connect Programme, my goal was to establish the key performance indicators and procedures for the MIS platform's performance. The project was part of a larger initiative that aimed to improve London's transportation system's digital communication services, including a Digital Radio System and a TFL Data Network. My work involved collaborating closely with TFL and Racal Telecom to define the service's scope, establish performance goals, and set procedures for measuring, monitoring, reporting, and managing the MIS platform's performance issues.

Key findings

One of the primary challenges was to define the service's scope, which required aligning Racal's capabilities with TFL's needs while considering budgetary constraints and industry best practices. The project's impact on other initiatives and programs had to be considered, and close collaboration with other stakeholders was essential, given their potentially competing interests.
Effective start/end date8/03/9924/03/00


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