The awarding gap in Therapeutic Radiography undergraduate education in the UK - how do experiences of ethnically diverse students in clinical placement and academic learning environments impact attainment?

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To understand how students from ethnically diverse students experience studying to become Therapeutic Radiographers and how this influences the awarding gap, future professional socialisation, and career aspirations.

To highlight narratives from ethnically diverse students training as Therapeutic radiographers

To develop teaching and learning practices to enhance attainment and reduce the awarding gap with Therapeutic Radiography education

To develop a theory of how ethnically diverse students experience being encultured within Therapeutic Radiography practice during their training and how this shapes their perceptions of their future careers

Key findings

Doctoral research underway
Short titleExperiences of ethnically diverse students in Therapeutic Radiography undergraduate education in the UK
Effective start/end date1/09/2130/09/26


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