The Later Work of Alan Davie a funded PhD studentship in with Hertford Arts Hub

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This is a project funded by Hertford Arts Hub to investigate the later work of the twentieth century British painter Alan Davie. Davie was a central figure in international modernism of the 1950 and worked alongside key figures in the American art scene: Pollock, De Kooning, Rothko and others. More recently, Davie's work has been overlooked. Art took a minimalist turn in the 1970s and some critics lost interest in his work. Davie approach however is highly important combining a multitude of influences from the work of Jung to Jazz, to flight and the symbolism of aboriginal communities. The doctoral project is funded by Hertford Arts Hub and Helen Little and supervised by Dr Pat Simpson and Dr Steven Adams
Short titleAlan Davie Project
Effective start/end date24/09/1724/09/20


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