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Aims: The current study seeks to use qualitative focus group methodology to explore, for the first time, the illness perceptions of two of the most prominent groups of South Asian renal patients- those who primarily communicate in Urdu or Guajarati. By bringing together a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in nephrology, psychology, psychiatry, and research methods, informed by lived patient experience, we hope to:

Identify the renal specific illness perceptions of South Asian HD patients.

Compare and contrast illness perceptions of patients with different levels of co-morbidity in order to understand if illness beliefs are compromised due to the presence of additional health complications. This is important given high levels of diabetic and cardiovascular issues in South Asian patients when compared to their white counterparts.

Learn whether patients are comfortable in having discussions with their care team framed around illness perceptions.

Outcomes: The findings will inform the design and piloting of a culturally tailored psychological intervention that aims to address depression in renal patients from South Asian backgrounds. The intervention will use illness perceptions as the driving vehicle. Whilst the research is focused in the area of renal, its outcomes will be valuable in other illness contexts where ethnic minorities are dominant e.g. diabetes.
Short titleIllness Perceptions in South Asian Renal Patients
Effective start/end date1/09/161/11/17


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