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Through the VP scheme to let the students understand that future trends in aeronautics and aerospace engineering could constitute a major impediment to having sustainable development in economic, social and environmental perspectives. The VP’s rich experiences in aerospace industry have great advantages in providing real world case scenarios for problem-based teaching and learning. With the right skill sets and better connection with the industry through the VP, an enhanced employability will be resulted. Such formal appointment would ensure that students received continuity of learning, as opposed to ‘guest lectures’ from practitioners, whose availability and commitment can often be compromised. It is planned that the VP will use his extensive network to directly help improve the employability and skills of students studying on aerospace related programmes at Hertfordshire, as well as broaden and extend the University’s links. With the three years collaboration in teaching delivery and collecting feedbacks from students, the VP and the AC are expected to reshape these modules to make them fit well with the relevant programmes and closer to what the industry needs. It is expected that student satisfaction will be increased on these modules, measured directly by the University’s ‘student voice’ and the National Student Survey (NSS), and it is anticipated that such metrics will be used to demonstrate the need to the School to continue and extend VP appointments generally to support UG teaching. This is particularly important in the aerospace industry, where up-to-date practice experience is quite necessary. Based on the VP’s many years’ both strong industrial experience and academic/teaching experience as guest lecture at Brunel and Cranfield Universities in the area of Astronautics and Space Engineering, the VP will be invited to perform an overall academic curriculum structure in aerospace at UH. As CTO at Oxford Space Systems, the VP lead the R&D and Technical Excellence teams, I believe the students can directly benefit from VP’s leadership and management experience from an industrial perspective. For teaching deliveries, the AC will continue to adopt the improved approach resulted from the three-year collaborative teaching, and will ensure that all the good practices are continued after this official collaboration ends. Our students will continue to benefit from the legacy of this important collaboration. The AC will continue to seek the VP’s inputs for future teaching delivery in order to keep the module up-to-date to reflect what the industry needs. The employment and placement networks resulted from this collaboration will continue.
Effective start/end date20/09/2131/07/24


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