Towards the Entrepreneurial University (TEU): Academic Leadership, Enterprise & Employability in the Biomedical Engineering Programme at International University of Vietnam National Universities in Ho Chi Minh City (BME-IU)

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As a 'middle income' country, Vietnam needs productivity gains driven by innovative business start-ups to boost its economy. To accomplish the aspirations of (young) entrepreneurs must be nurtured, by providing them the insights and experiences necessary to successfully transition scientific and technological accomplishments from the lab into the marketplace.

This proposal seeks to develop effective policies for promoting entrepreneurial leadership, initially in IU-BME. The approach is to develop programmes for teaching entrepreneurship as an identifiable

discipline. More globally, we plan to attract academic entities beyond BME, through seminars and workshops that will be open to students, researchers and administrators alike. A key part of this initiative will thus be the role of the university in engaging with local communities in Vietnam, as well as internationally. If the impacts of proposed initiatives are to be sustainable, an important issue will consequently be to identify what capacities will need to be developed, what changes will need to be made, and how they may best be facilitated.
Short titleTowards the Entrepreneurial University (TEU)
Effective start/end date15/09/1730/11/18


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