Transaction Banking, Treasury, and Compliance Analytics Capability Programme

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As the former project manager of Deutsche Bank's Transaction Banking, Treasury, and Compliance Analytics Capability Programme, my primary goal was to ensure timely delivery of the program within budget and achieving the desired outcomes. The program aimed to enhance the bank's global transaction banking and cash management capabilities, financial crime-fighting technology, reduce compliance risks, and boost efficiency and profitability.

We faced challenges in balancing regulatory compliance with innovation, addressing which, we adopted a risk-based approach. We identified and prioritized the highest risks and focused on mitigating them while delivering innovative solutions.

Stakeholder alignment was another challenge, involving external stakeholders such as customers and regulators and internal stakeholders such as front office, middle office, back office, IT, and risk management teams. We adopted a collaborative approach and engaged stakeholders early and often to align their needs and objectives with the program.
Effective start/end date4/03/1320/09/13


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