TUPROOFS - Thermal under PV Roofing SIP

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TUPROOFS - Thermal Solar under Photovoltaic Roofing Structures project proposes the integration of Thermal Solar and PV in a complete large scale structural insulated roof panel that can be placed directly on to new, refurbished buildings to provide a renewable energy producing roof structure in one simple operation and where for domestic scale properties the panel can be entirely self supporting, affording major construction savings.
By integrating the PV wafers and thermal channels with the roof structure manufacturing costs will be minimised and the PV (especially) becomes a marginal cost building component thus delivering a roof that pays for itself and which also has minimal installation costs - for the roof and for the solar elements. The project objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of integrated solar/PV/Thermal/SIP roof panels that are more (cost) efficient for the construction process, highly efficient in the collection of thermal energy and generate electricity at grid parity eliminating the need for incentives and can be implemented in new domestic and commercial buildings with an especial applicability off-grid in developing countries to deliver industry, work, communications and light.
Effective start/end date1/06/1630/06/17


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