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Increasing the utilization efficiency of both traditional and renewable energy
resources is the key to solve current challenges of energy crisis and climate change. How to provide power in a low carbon way is the problem confronting all nations. United Kingdom has proposed the target that the electricity section should be almost entirely decarbonized by 2030, while Chinese government promised to cut greenhouse gas emission per unit of gross domestic product by 40-45% by 2020 based on the level of 2005 level. The China-UK Workshop on Efficient Energy Utilization aims to provide a platform for early career researchers (ECRs) from both countries to share their recent researches on efficient energy utilization, promote their career development, and establish new and sustained links between them. This workshop is also expected to benefit both countries economically and socially due to their complementarity in technical skill sets,
market opportunities, and funds.
Effective start/end date10/08/1713/08/17


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