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A UK-wide, multi-institutional, interdisciplinary consortium of existing teams
with highly relevant interests, to investigate the epidemiology, lived experiences, and the effectiveness of interventions for long COVID-19 (LC).
We aim to:
● Understand the lived experience of LC in adults and children and how should this inform investigations and service provision, taking into account ethnicity and inequality. (WS1/WPB)
● Describe the epidemiology of LC (incidence, prevalence, risk factors and long-term prognosis). (WS2)
● Investigate what different phenotypes within patients with LC can be used to predict specific mechanisms, and what interventions are effective. (WS3/4)
● Determine the most effective and cost-effective approaches to managing patients with LC using predictive scores and clinical pathways. (WS5)
Effective start/end date1/03/2128/02/22


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