University Enterprise Zone - Market Intelligence Services

  • Brown, Christopher (PI)
  • Stevens, Lynne (PI)

Project: Consultancy

Project Details


The University of Hertfordshire is committed to meeting the challenges set out in the Government’s Industrial Strategy. We are an enterprising and agile institution, focused on aligning our research, innovation and teaching activities to meeting the demands of business and society. Our extensive engagement with local businesses reflects our institutional history; we are proud of our origins as a leading technical college and one of the first polytechnics in the county.

Layman's description

The Hertfordshire Business School is committed to support our local business/social enterprise community

Key findings

The project is a two year HBS-SME engagement. Assist businesses to scope, research and evaluate early stage commercial and/or social enterprise concepts, products or markets. Projects include scalability, evaluating/prioritising opportunities and threats, competitor analysis and developing marketing strategies.
We are committed to deliver 24 business projects in the two-year timescale.
Short titleUEZ - MIS
Effective start/end date30/11/19 → 31/07/21


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