Utilising E mobility to Enhance the End to End Journey

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This project will be to develop, establish and test ‘Mobility as a Service’ based e-mobility hubs to support the end-to-end journey. E-mobility hubs are defined as a combination of electric vehicle charging points, electric car club, bike and e-bikes for hire from a single location situated at key transport nodes, bookable from a single website and card system. The website will be extended into a full transport integration hub facilitating journey planning and bookings for trains, buses and other local transport options. The aim is to create a viable mechanism for actively encouraging behaviour change to the more sustainable e-mobility hub modes while integrating transport services to provide convenient transport choices for passengers and enhance end-to-end journey options.
This project builds on an Innovate UK funded feasibility study in 2014 (led by EValu8) which successfully demonstrated the concept’s technical and commercial feasibility. The key innovations for the project will include the integration of the existing technologies and business models into a new market with economies of scale available from joining the currently independent resources to a seamless service for end-to-end journeys.
The new consortium is led by eCar Club. This is not a theoretical or lab demonstration of technology. This is Experimental Development working in a real urban area with real passengers completing real end to end journeys. Other partners bring vehicles, landscape, and population to the project. EValu8 staff bring their experience in capital; equipment deployment and the ability to analyse and report on the behavioural changes within the test environment.
Team is made up of eCar Club, EValu8 transport Innovations/UH Ventures, Transport Systems Catapult and Southend Borough Council.
Effective start/end date1/07/1630/06/18


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