Visualising Creative Work. An Interactive Virtual Reality Mapping of the North Sea Region’s Content Creation Industries.

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The project will produce a working prototype of an interactive map of creative businesses in Denmark. Participants will wear a Virtual Reality headset and be prompted to select a visualisation mode. Data will then be fetched from our database using the selected mode. For instance, the participant will be able to navigate their way round a virtual city with the buildings representing the data sets of that country: building height represents annual turnover of an individual company, architectural style represents the type of creative outputs i.e. films, animation or web design with density of buildings representing clustering of creative companies. Other modes which can be selected to visualise the data include a world globe, a jungle, stacks of film cans / DVDs the interior of a human brain. The Danish prototype research will then be extended to incorporate other European countries in the region including Germany, Finland, UK, Netherlands, Sweden. Data is currently being gathered for the UK followed by Netherlands and Sweden with Finland and Germany following in 2018.
Short titleVisualising Creative Work
Effective start/end date4/04/168/04/19


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