Wanadoo Clickstream Data Warehouse Project

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As the Project Lead on the Wanadoo Clickstream Data Warehouse project, I was responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of the project while managing uncertainty, high levels of unpredictability, multiple work packages, and interdependent stakeholders with possibly competing interests.

The project aimed to create a data warehouse to capture clickstream data generated by visitors to the company's website. The team consisted of data analysts, data architects, ETL experts, and data scientists, and had several phases, including requirements gathering, data warehouse design, ETL development, deployment and user acceptance, and ongoing maintenance and customer support. The initiative enabled effective data-driven decision making, improved website performance and user experience, and drove cost savings through deeper insights into clickstream data.

Key findings

One of the key challenges I faced was in dealing with conflicting objectives, particularly when it came to balancing technical requirements with the business needs. To navigate this challenge, I made sure that we had regular discussions with both groups, explaining the technical complexities and ensuring that they both understood the end goals of the project.
Effective start/end date6/03/0626/05/06


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