Warner Brothers Film Distribution System (FDS) MIS and Data Warehousing Project

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I worked as the senior Business Analyst on the Warner Brothers Film Distribution System (FDS) MIS and Data Warehousing Project, which aimed to streamline the organization's film distribution operations and provide decision-making support. The project involved several phases and features, including data warehousing, executive information systems, business intelligence tools, workflow automation, integration and consolidation, and maintenance and support. The project helped Warner Bros. improve operational efficiency, productivity, and gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

Key findings

Managing conflicting objectives was another significant challenge. I had to find a balance between the competing interests of stakeholders with different goals and expectations. I ensured that the project delivered value to all stakeholders, whether they were interested in the technical aspects or focused on the business benefits.
Effective start/end date10/01/0521/10/05


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