A history of high-power laser research and development in the United Kingdom

Colin N. Danson, Malcolm White, John R. M. Barr, Thomas Bett, Peter Blyth, David Bowley, Ceri Brenner, Robert J. Collins, Neal Croxford, A. E. Bucker Dangor, Laurence Devereux, Peter E. Dyer, Anthony Dymoke-Bradshaw, Christopher B. Edwards, Paul Ewart, Allister I. Ferguson, John M. Girkin, Denis R. Hall, David C. Hanna, Wayne HarrisDavid I. Hillier, Christopher J. Hooker, Simon M. Hooker, Nicholas Hopps, Janet Hull, David Hunt, Dino A. Jaroszynski, Mark Kempenaars, Helmut Kessler, Sir Peter L. Knight, Steve Knight, Adrian Knowles, Ciaran L. S. Lewis, Ken S. Lipton, Abby Littlechild, John Littlechild, Peter Maggs, Graeme P. A. Malcolm OBE, Stuart P. D. Mangles, Bill Martin

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The first demonstration of laser action in ruby was made in 1960 by T. H. Maiman of Hughes Research Laboratories,
USA. Many laboratories worldwide began the search for lasers using different materials, operating at different
wavelengths. In the UK, academia, industry and the central laboratories took up the challenge from the earliest days
to develop these systems for a broad range of applications. This historical review looks at the contribution the UK has
made to the advancement of the technology, the development of systems and components and their exploitation over the
last 60 years.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages86
JournalHigh Power Laser Science and Engineering
Issue numbere18
Publication statusPublished - 27 Apr 2021


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