A People Bewitched: Witchcraft and Magic in Nineteenth-Century Somerset

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The belief in witchcraft and magic was widespread in nineteenth-century Somerset. Witches were blamed for causing the ill health and death of people and their animals. Those accused of witchcraft often found themselves being ostracised and beaten by their neighbours. Magical practitioners known as cunning-folk drove a thriving trade not only in curing the bewitched, but also in detecting lost property, inducing love, and predicting the future. Astrologers and fortune-tellers were also widely consulted.
This ebook is a fascinating exploration of the lives of all those who were caught up in the world of magic – witches and their victims, and occult practitioners and their clients. It will appeal to anyone with a general interest in witchcraft, rural history, folklore or the history of Somerset.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPrivately published
Number of pages181
ISBN (Print)0953639002
Publication statusPublished - 1999


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