A sustainable ecosystem? Sourcing innovative IT talent in Bulgaria

Mariana Dodourova, Graham Hollinshead

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This study addresses the problem of modularising innovative
capability along internationally dispersed Global Value Chains (GVCs), which
are mediated by human agency embedded in a myriad of contextuallydependent
local ecosystems The study focuses on the Bulgarian software sector
as an ‘ecosystem’ for IT sourcing activity and builds on the concept of GVCs
as global structures, exposed to a mosaic of institutional and socio-economic
influences. The study addresses the neglected reality of GVCs’ internal
anatomy, which frequently comprises an array of cellular and politically
contested social spaces involving interplays of major actors in dispersed home
and host contexts. The study adopts a longitudinal qualitative research design,
the first phase of which produced four patterns of interaction between the
Bulgarian offshored facilities and their MNC parents or partners. Following
these findings, four follow-up case studies will be developed as exemplifiers of
the configurations delineated during the first phase of the fieldwork.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 21 Jun 2017
EventXXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference - Vienna, Austria
Duration: 18 Jun 201721 Jun 2017


ConferenceXXVIII ISPIM Innovation Conference
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  • Global Value Chains; knowledge ecosystems; supply chain platforms; human agency


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