Addressing Behavioural Safety Concerns on Qatari Mega Projects

S.O. Ajayi, O.O. Adegbenro, Hafiz Alaka, A.S. Oyegoke, P.A. Manu

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This study explores the behavioural safety measures for addressing accidents on Qatar mega projects which are infamous for their high rates of accidents and fatality. Using extant literature and brainstorming as sources of preliminary information, questionnaire was used for collecting quantitative data, which was analysed using reliability analysis and exploratory factor analysis.

The finding suggests that there is a low level of behavioural safety awareness among the construction workers due to their lack of adequate safety knowledge, with the rate of accident exacerbated by use of improper safety gears or improper use of such gears. Putting production ahead of safety, due to urgency and timeliness of the projects, engenders poor disposition to safety among site workers. To turn the tides on the high rates of accidents and fatality, more proactive approaches to safety management is essential for engendering behavioural safety among the operatives. Such measures include enhanced communication and feedback on safety practices, increased use of safety signs to raise awareness, education and regular observation and appraisal of the employees. A key requisite for achieving a positive behavioural safety outcome is an increased commitment of the management team and the site supervisors who are expected to implement a robust safety policy as well as the carrot and stick approach for engendering positive safety behaviour.

With behavioural safety management recognised as an effective approach for mitigating health and safety concerns on construction sites, this study suggests measures for mitigating unsafe behaviours, thereby reducing accidents and fatalities on the Qatari Mega projects.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102398
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of Building Engineering (JOBE)
Early online date26 Mar 2021
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2021


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