Assessing Public Knowledge of Hypertension Amongst Jordanian Population: A cross-Sectional Survey

Ahmad Smadi , Salam Bani Hani, Rani Shatnawi, Rula Amr , Ala Ashour, Abedalmajeed Shajrawi, Rawan Al-gharaibeh, Donna Fitzsimons

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Background: The burden of hypertension is a serious health concern that leads to serious complications such as cardiovascular, renal , and peripheral arterial diseases, including aneurysm and stroke. This study aims at assessing the knowledge of the general Jordanian population regarding hypertension.
Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional survey was used to recruit (n=1,050) participants conveniently from different Jordanian governerates utilizing the Hypertension Knowledge-Level Scale (HK-LS) that evaluates six dimensions related to definition, medical treatment, drug compliance, lifestyle, diet, and complications.
Results: The participants' ages ranged from 31.3 to 13.6 years on average (n=1,050). The majority of participants (83.2%) had a high school diploma or equivalent education, were single (54.9%), and were female (54.9%). Only 6.9% of the individuals had been given a hypertension diagnosis. people with hypertension had a slightly higher overall level of knowledge (M=20.3, SD=2.54) than people without hypertension (M=17.9, SD=4.65). Participants with greater levels of education had a mean overall knowledge of hypertension that was substantially higher (M=18.3) than participants with lower levels of education (M=17.6). [t=.-1.34, P=.011]. It revealed that age (F=3.87, p=.920), monthly income (F=.611, P=.673), BMI (F=1.19, p=.331), and physical activity level (F=.435, P=.647) were significantly correlated with overall knowledge scores.
Conclusion: The public knowledge of hypertension among Jordanians was good. However, future efforts should focus to raising the level of understanding of diet types, the definition of hypertension, and medication compliance.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Journal of Clinical Practice
Publication statusSubmitted - 12 Jul 2023


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