Bioinformatics Analysis Reveals Ki-67 Specific microRNA Functions in Pediatric Embryonal Tumors

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Pediatric Central Nervous System (CNS) neoplasms are the second most prevalent tumors of childhood. CNS malignancies are considered as the most notorious type of tumors, due to their anatomic position manifesting an imminent threat to the patients' life. miRNAs are molecules that play a significant role in CNS tumor biology. At the same time diagnostic markers such as Ki-67 have played an important role in CNS tumor diagnosis. In a previous study we have identified several miRNAs, common to different subtypes of pediatric embryonal CNS malignancies as well as, we have identified miRNAs that manifest significant dynamics with respect to their expression and the neoplasmatic subtype. Among the previously reported miRNAs, several have manifested significant differences with respect to Ki-67 expression. Those miRNAs, were further analyzed bioinformatically and related functions were revealed, where some of them confirmed Ki-67 role as a proliferation marker but also predicted novel miRNAs functions in pediatric embryonal tumors.


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