Cultural Influences on the Antecedents of Trust in B2B Relationships: A Study of Financial Services in the United Arab Emirates

Roudaina Houjeir, Ross Brennan

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This study investigates the impact of cultural values on trust in the corporate banking industry in the United Arab Emirates. A substantial literature exists concerning trust in inter-firm relationships, and considerable research has been conducted into trust in the banking industry. However, uniquely, this
study focuses on trust in business-to-business relationships within the banking industry in the cultural context of an Arab country. The bulk of the empirical research reported concerning trust in business-to-business relationships has been conducted in Europe and North America, while a considerable
amount of research into related concepts such as guanxi has been conducted within Chinese cultures.
However, little empirical research has investigated trust in business-to-business relationships from the perspective of an Arab culture. Culture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is influenced by Islamic tradition and by Bedouin tribal values. The social and cultural characteristics that prevail in the Arab context are very different from those in nations influenced by Western or Chinese culture.
Consequently, this study yields unique insights that would develop our understanding of culture and ‘shared values’ in the development of trusting business relationships with Arab businesses. The focus of this research is on the individual and on individual practices in their social setting, to explore the
role of culture as antecedents of trust
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages29
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2014
Event30th Annual IMP Conference - Bordeaux, France
Duration: 1 Sept 20146 Sept 2014


Conference30th Annual IMP Conference


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