Design and Assembly of an Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing Machine

Manuel Freitas, V. Anes, Diogo Montalvao, Luís Reis, A. M. R. Ribeiro

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    The lifetime approach in fatigue design based on S_N curves establish an infinite life when the cyclic stress applied is below than the endurance limit. Results in this field revealed fatigue failures beyond 10e7 cycles, indicating that there´s
    no endurance fatigue limit, however obtaining this data with servo-hydraulic testing machine can be very timeconsuming and expensive. Ultrasonic fatigue testing machines are a new generation of devices designed to perform
    VHCF tests in a very short time. This paper describes the design and assembly of an ultrasonic fatigue testing device working at 20 kHz.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationAnales de Mecánica de la Fractura
    Publication statusPublished - Apr 2011
    EventXXVIII GEF – Encuentro del Grupo Español de Fractura - Gijon, Spain
    Duration: 6 Apr 20118 Apr 2011


    ConferenceXXVIII GEF – Encuentro del Grupo Español de Fractura


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