Efficient Data Transfer and Multi-Bit Multiplier Design in Processing in Memory

Jingru Sun, Zerui Li, Meiqi Jiang, Yichuang Sun

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Processing in Memory based on memristors is considered the most effective solution to overcome the Von Neumann bottleneck issue and has become a hot research topic. The execution efficiency of logical computation and in-memory data transmission is crucial for Processing in Memory. This paper presents a design scheme for data transmission and multi-bit multipliers within MAT (a data storage set in MPU) based on the memristive alternating crossbar array structure. Firstly, to improve the data transfer efficiency, we reserve the edge row and column of the array as assistant cells for OR AND (OA) and AND data transmission logic operations to reduce the data transfer steps. Furthermore, we convert the multipliers into multi-bit addition operations via Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) logical operations, which effectively improves the execution efficiency of multipliers. PSpice simulation shows that the proposed data transmission and multi-bit multiplier solution has lower latency and power consumption and higher efficiency and flexibility.
Original languageEnglish
Article number770
Pages (from-to)1-19
Number of pages19
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 9 Jun 2024


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