Facilitating compliance with BIM ISO 19650 naming convention through automation

Saheed O. Ajayi, Farouk Oyebiyi, Hafiz Alaka

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


To foster effective implementation of building information modelling (BIM), it is guided by standards and protocols that require files naming in a format, containing a string of letters and digits in a tightly defined manner, which is perceived to be time-consuming, error-prone and serves as a barrier to BIM adoption. This paper aims to present a BIM-based plug-in solution (Auto-BIMName) that facilitates automated naming in compliance with BIM standards.

The Auto-BIMName portal has an information management system (IMS) for generating a master information delivery plan (MIDP), which serves as pre-requisites to effective file naming. Once the naming schema is implemented through text input controls for a project name, volume, level and number, the Revit plugin communicates with its IMS to fetch the name string or concatenate the string in line with the ISO 19650 convention, where the IMS is unused. The system was validated through a simulated collaborative project.

System testing and evaluation confirmed that the Auto-BIMName will ease the process of file naming, thereby facilitating collaboration efficiency, naming consistency across project teams and lifecycle stages, ease of file naming, time-saving and inducement for BIM implementation, etc. By linking information from MIDP in the BIM execution plan, the platform enhanced information management processes and improved coordination across project teams and lifecycle stages.

Apart from demonstrating how the automated naming platform enhances project performance, information management and coordination, the paper provides a practical demonstration of how the construction industry will benefit from enhanced digitalisation and process automation.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Engineering, Design and Technology
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • AutoBIM
  • Building information modelling (BIM)
  • Computer-aided manufacturing and design
  • ISO 19650
  • IT in construction
  • Revit plug-in


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