Flexible Reconfigurable GNSS RF Receiver for Portable Application of Internet of Things

Peihui Yan, Jinguang Jiang, Yanan Tang, Jianghua Liu, Yichuang Sun, Zhiyao Fu, Jingnan Liu

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A fully integrated single input, dual-channel, single-band reconfigurable GNSS radio frequency receiver supporting GPS, BD2 and Galileo systems isdesigned and implemented in a 0.18μmCMOS process for portable Internet of Things applications.The receiver incorporates a single RF front-end, low-power fractional-N synthesizer, and reconfigurable complex band-pass filter, which can be flexibly configured to receive GPS L1/BD2 B1 or GPSL1/Galileo E1, and any of these signals separately, and can also effectively simplify the design complexity of the receiver and reduce power consumption. Moreover, aflexible frequency plan isemployedto meetthe different frequency requirements of thereceiver. While drawing 16 mA current from a 1.8 V supply, this RF receiver achievesa total noise figure of 1.79 dB, amaximum voltage gain of 108 dB,a gain dynamic range of 56 dBandthe input third-order interceptpointof −18.09dBm and −23.66dBm at1575 MHz and 1561 MHz, respectively,withan active die area of1.86 mm2.
Original languageEnglish
Article number104912
JournalMicroelectronics Journal
Early online date5 Oct 2020
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2020


  • Dual-channel
  • GPS L1/BD2 B1/Galileo E1
  • Portable internet of things
  • RF receiver
  • Reconfigurable complex band-pass filter


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