General and specific physical abilities of the members of special police unit

Jozef Simenko, Branko Škof, Vedran Hadžić, Radoje Milić, Bojan Zorec, Milan Žvan, Janez Vodičar, Milan Coh

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Tactical or special units are terms used to describe elite military and police
tactical teams, trained to perform dangerous missions or tasks with a high risk with which conventional units are unable to cope. Their high physical requirements demand continuous improvement and the maintenance of a certain level of physical fitness and operational performance through simulation of real conditions in training through a variety of polygons and situational scenarios. The purpose of this research was to analyze and evaluate the level of bio-motor abilities between members of the special police units with conventional
measurement methods and the specific operational field test TONKA. The sample included 12 members of the special unit of the Slovenian police. The subjects were measured in three phases. The first set of measurements included measurements of physical characteristics, isometric hand strength, and maximal and explosive leg strength. The second set of measurements included measurements of speed and agility that were carried out in full tactical gear. The third set of measurements included a field test, measuring the operational
capacity of TONKA. The average age of the members of the police special forces were 30.7 ± 5.35 years, average weight 80.77 ± 4.83 kg, and average height 180.85 ± 4.31 cm, with average body mass index of 24.71 ± 1.58 kg/m2, average muscle mass of 44.18 ± 3.64 kg, and average body fat percentage of 9.37 ± 1.91%. The average percentage score (AI INDEX) of the operational TONKA test was 74.62 ± 18.99% and the average of the efficiency index (EF
INDEX) of TONKA test was 31.12 ± 16.98
Original languageEnglish
JournalFacta Universitatis, Series: Physical Education and Sport
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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