Herschel photometric observations of the low metallicity dwarf galaxy NGC 1705

B. O'Halloran, M. Galametz, S. C. Madden, R. Auld, M. Baes, M. J. Barlow, G. J. Bendo, J. J. Bock, A. Boselli, M. Bradford, V. Buat, N. Castro-Rodriguez, P. Chanial, S. Charlot, L. Ciesla, D. L. Clements, D. Cormier, A. Cooray, L. Cortese, J. I. DaviesE. Dwek, S. A. Eales, D. Elbaz, F. Galliano, W. K. Gear, J. Glenn, H. L. Gomez, S. Hony, K. G. Isaak, L. R. Levenson, N. Lu, K. Okumura, S. Oliver, M. J. Page, P. Panuzzo, A. Papageorgiou, T. J. Parkin, I. Perez-Fournon, M. Pohlen, N. Rangwala, E. E. Rigby, H. Roussel, A. Rykala, N. Sacchi, M. Sauvage, B. Schulz, M. R. P. Schirm, M. W. L. Smith, L. Spinoglio, S. Srinivasan, Jason Stevens, M. Symeonidis, M. Trichas, M. Vaccari, L. Vigroux, C. D. Wilson, H. Wozniak, G. S. Wright, W. W. Zeilinger

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We present Herschel SPIRE and PACS photometeric observations of the low metallicity (Z ~ 0.35ΖΘ ) nearby dwarf galaxy, NGC 1705, in six wavelength bands as part of the Dwarf Galaxy Survey guaranteed time Herschel key program. We confirm the presence of two dominant circumnuclear IR-bright regions surrounding the central super star cluster that had been previously noted at mid-IR wavelengths and in the sub-mm by LABOCA. On constructing a global spectral energy distribution using the SPIRE and PACS photometry, in conjunction with archival IR measurements, we note the presence of an excess at sub-mm wavelengths. This excess suggests the presence of a signiPcant cold dust component within NGC 1705 and was modeled as an additional cold component in the SED. Although alternative explanations for the sub-mm excess beyond 350 μm, such as changes to the dust emissivity cannot be ruled out, the most likely explanation for the observed submillimetre excess is that of an additional cold dust component.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberL58
Number of pages5
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jul 2010


  • galaxies: dwarf, dust, extinction, evolution


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