Identification of Theileria lestoquardi Antigens Recognized by CD8+ T Cells

Shan Goh, Daniel Ngugi, Regina Lizundia, Isabel Hostettler, Kerry Woods, Keith Ballingall, Niall D MacHugh, W Ivan Morrison, Willie Weir, Brian Shiels, Dirk Werling

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As part of an international effort to develop vaccines for Theileria lestoquardi, we undertook a limited screen to test T. lestoquardi orthologues of antigens recognised by CD8+ T lymphocyte responses against T. annulata and T. parva in cattle. Five MHC defined sheep were immunized by live T. lestoquardi infection and their CD8+ T lymphocyte responses determined. Thirteen T. lestoquardi orthologues of T. parva and T. annulata genes, previously shown to be targets of CD8+ T lymphocyte responses of immune cattle, were expressed in autologous fibroblasts and screened for T cell recognition using an IFNγ assay. Genes encoding T. lestoquardi antigens Tl8 (putative cysteine proteinase, 349 aa) or Tl9 (hypothetical secreted protein, 293 aa) were recognise by T cells from one animal that displayed a unique MHC class I genotype. Antigenic 9-mer peptide epitopes of Tl8 and Tl9 were identified through peptide scans using CD8+ T cells from the responding animal. These experiments identify the first T. lestoquardi antigens recognised by CD8+ T cell responses linked to specific MHC class I alleles.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e0162571
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 9 Sept 2016


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