Marketing: An Introduction (4th edition)

Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker, David Brennan

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Welcome to the fourth Edition!
Our goal with the fourth European edition of Marketing: An Introduction has been to retain the great strengths of both the classic US original – among which are its clarity, coherence and authority – and those of the three prior European editions – among which are their contextual detail and incorporation of material on new and embryonic marketplaces – and to do so while fully incorporating the latest developments, evolutions and changes with respect to the practice and theory of marketing. Further, great effort has been expended in developing and diversifying the European-oriented material in order to create an even more effective text from which to learn about and teach marketing in a European context.

Most students learning marketing require a broad, complete picture of basic marketing principles and practices. They need a text that is complete yet easy to manage and master, one that guides them through the great variety of topics that come under the rubric of marketing without confusing or bewildering them – one that helps them prepare their assessments but also prepares them for careers in marketing or related fields. We hope that this text serves all of these important needs for marketing students, and that it strikes a careful balance between depth of coverage and ease of learning. Unlike more abbreviated texts, Marketing: An Introduction provides a complete overview of marketing in theory and in practice. Unlike longer, more complex texts, its moderate length makes it possible to use fully in one semester.

Marketing: An Introduction makes learning and teaching marketing more effective, easier and more enjoyable. The text’s approachable style and design are well suited to cater to the enormous variety of students that may take introductory marketing classes. These students will be helped to learn, link and apply important concepts by generous use of up-to-date cases, exemplars and illustrations. Concepts are applied through many examples of situations in which companies from Spain to Russia and from Denmark to Turkey assess and solve their marketing problems. This fourth edition has no fewer than 48 cases – of which 11 are brand new and the remainder updated thoroughly. Integrated with accounts of contemporary practice, each chapter has had the roster of supporting academic literature updated to reflect the latest thinking and research.

Finally, this text presents the latest marketing thinking – as advocated and implemented by the reflective professional working in established or developing industries or job roles. It builds on an innovative and integrative marketing framework, one that positions marketing simply as the art and science of creating value for customers in order to capture value from customers in return. We hope that the great diversity to be found in Europe and marketing is found within.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationHarlow
PublisherPearson Education
Number of pages672
ISBN (Print)9781292200309
Publication statusPublished - 16 Apr 2019


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