Measuring Affectiveness and Effectiveness in Software Systems

Giuseppe Destefanis, Marco Ortu, Steve Counsell, Michele Marchesi, Roberto Tonelli

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    The summary presented in this paper highlights the results obtained in a four-years project aiming at analyzing the development process of software artifacts from two points of view: Effectiveness and Affectiveness. The first attribute is meant to analyze the productivity of the Open Source Communities by measuring the time required to resolve an issue, while the latter provides a novel approach for studying the development process by analyzing the affectiveness ex-pressed by developers in their comments posted during the issue resolution phase. Affectivenes is obtained by measuring Sentiment, Politeness and Emotions. All the study presented in this summary are based on Jira, one of the most used software repositories.
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    Publication statusPublished - 5 Mar 2017


    • cs.SE

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