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The invention relates to methods for coating particles characterised by the addition of a powdered excipient, typically during coating. Typically, the coating method comprises Wurster fluidised bed coating. The invention provides a method for coating particles in a coater comprising a coating processing chamber, wherein the particles comprise an active pharmaceutical ingredient, the method comprising: (i) adding particles to the processing chamber; (ii) adding a coating formulation to the processing chamber through a first inlet; and (iii) adding a powdered excipient to the processing chamber through a second inlet. The invention further provides coated particles obtainable by the method of the invention, preferably where at least 80% w/w of the coated particles have a particle size range of I 0-1200-tm. The coated particles are preferably for use in a method of adruinistering an active pharmaceutical ingredient or for use in a method of treating or preventing a disease or condition. The invention further provides a pharmaceutical composition
Original languageEnglish
IPCWO2019/073257 A1
Priority date12/10/17
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019


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